I am a Visual Engineer and Director of Photography working independently in Los Angeles, CA.
I specialize in creating visuals with practical effects. I create them in my own studio by using special equipment including multiple camera setups with high-speed shooting capabilities, macro photography, probe lenses, project-specific custom rigs, CNC machine, plasma cutter, and laser cutter/engraver. I merge physical and digital effects to implement complex visuals and enrich images that are not visible to the human eye because of their size or speed. My creative portfolio includes opening title sequences, documentaries, commercials, and various visual design solutions for global clients such as The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, BMW, Carlsberg, Discovery, FX, History Channel, National Geographic, Netflix, Sony Pictures, and 20th Century Fox. 
I have been nominated for an Emmy Award for my work in History Channel’s 2013 mini-series The Ultimate Guide to the Presidents. A year later, I was selected as “a role model and an inspirational leader” by Today Is Tomorrow initiative and delivered a motivational speech for 800 college students. In 2015, I won the Best Motion Design Award at Adobe’s Creative Jam in Los Angeles.  
I also design and build furniture/ art pieces . In 2015, I was featured in Elle Decoration Magazine as one of “10 designers who will shape the future.” My Aero Series was honored by the American Society of Interior Designers as the Best Innovative Lighting Design in 2017. You can view some of my custom-made furniture pieces under DESIGN. 
Los Angeles / USA
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