Title sequence for AMC’s Dark Winds created at Elastic. Spiritual and natural forces together with the earthy textures and colors of the South West were used to create compositions and imagery invoking the themes of the show. Together with key moments and props from the show, we wanted to tell the story of the landscapes,  characters and Nature of Navajo country.

We used a combination of 2d & 3d designs, stock footage and a Live Action element shoot to create the final sequence. 
Production Stills
Live Action Elements
Design Studio: Elastic 
Creative Directors: Duncan Elms 
Designers: Lynn Kim, Carlo Sa, June Cho, Tony Zagoraios, Olga Midlenko 
Animators: Evan Larimore, Savva Tsekmes, Jordan Booker Editor: Jessica Ledoux CG: Jade Smrz 
Director of Photography: Alper Nakri 
Color Pipeline Management: Andrew Young 
Senior Producer: Paul Makowski Deputy 
Head of Production: Zach Wakefield 
Executive Producer: Luke Colson 
Executive Producer / Head of Production: Kate Berry 
Managing Director: Jennifer Sofio Hall
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