Un/raw is a series of lighting sculptures that harmoniously combine organic and mechanical forms. Natural elements the fruit of millions of years of Earth’s evolution nestle gracefully within precision modern materials. The result creates intriguing narratives which illuminate our perception of time.
UN/RAW lighting sculptures are accompanied with a video installation that is a separate multimedia artwork in itself. For this installation, I used my skills in high-speed photography and macro photography to record the minute details of the craftwork as I was working on my materials. The visual piece reveals moments from the craftsmanship process behind the works from a unique visual channel while the text puts our connection with the materials in a historical perspective. The audio is composed by music producer and pianist Hasan Ozsut specifically for the installation.
Creative Director : Alper Nakri
Director of photography : Alper Nakri
Alper Nakri is a designer who questions what we are capable of re-building with the neglected material, traditional, and natural resources. His designs often emerge from materials that are emblematic of a unique resilience to disappearance because of their emotional or historical charge, such as the main piece of this installation: a slice of the trunk of a Californian Pepper Tree (Anacardiaceae) that has lived in an acquaintance's backyard. By making the impressive durability of LED lighting meet the long lifespan of the re-purposed trunk in an asymmetrical composition hanging above our heads, the artist evokes the idea of time dilation and invites the audience to consider the passage of time from the perspective of harmonious co-existence. Both objects retain their internal clocks while functioning a new purpose as a compound unit, and the title of the piece tells the story of this heavily material yet conceptually ethereal encounter. 

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